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Within the project, the development of new materials and process engineering is intended, in order to optimize the retention of different microplastic particles (size, shape, material) from different input paths of urban water management (wastewater treatment plant effluent, combined sewer overflow, road runoff) and thus to achieve high quality requirements for the protection of surface waters within a sustainable water management. This requires quality assurance that allows the examination of various technical and natural systems with regard to their retention. An evaluable investigation methodology and initial assessment approaches for the assessment of the cleaning procedures, which are developed within the project, are crucial.


The project aims to develop innovative materials and processes for the separation of microplastics for wastewater treatment plant effluents, combined sewer overflows and street runoff. Test stand investigations for two decentralized rainwater filters and in situ tests for these filters at street drains and two filter systems with very fine stainless steel Dutch weave filter cloth and a cloth media filter at a Berlin sewage treatment plant are to be carried out to determine and describe manageability and performance limits. An important part of this is on the one hand an evaluable investigation methodology, as well as initial assessment approaches for the evaluation of the cleaning procedures, which are intended to be developed within the project.

Focus of work

Within the scope of the project, it is necessary to investigate the proportion of microplastic particles in the different wastewater streams and at the same time to develop suitable materials in order to retain them. 

First results show that concentrations will decrease on the ranking shown below.


(i) Road runoff

(ii) combined sewer overflow

(iii) Wastewater treatment plant effluents


In order to protect or relieve the aquatic environment, technologies are being developed that can separate the microplastic material flow into the above-mentioned waste water streams. In addition, methods using simple natural materials will also be investigated.



Film report "Unterwegs mit Plastikjägern" (in German) 21. Oktober 2017

The film "Unterwegs mit Plastikjägern" ("On the road with plastic hunters") by rbb accompanies, among others, Mr. Venghaus and his team during their work on the subject of microplastic particles from tire abrasion in the "OEMP" project..

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Photo credits: ©Funke Kunststoffe GmbH